Can I use Instagram normally during work?
Yes. Throughout the work you can usually use your Instagram, it is important that you are always posting content and interacting with your new followers.

How do I know if the increased numbers in my social network are from our campaign?
We keep track of the delivery of our services, noting the numbers of your social network at the beginning of the campaign. So we keep delivering until your social network receives the quantity requested in your order. It's critical that you do not run other campaigns at the same time. We can not differentiate or quantify what was delivered by us or another campaign.

Can anyone find out that we hire the MEDIAGRAM services?
Your privacy is our priority. Your purchase comes with the Sigilo Package, in which your campaign is totally discreet and confidential. Your information does not leave our database and nothing will be posted on your social network. This is our differential.

Are the profiles true?
Yes! All the profiles that will be interacting with your social network are 100% true. However, we do not guarantee that they will be active users or that they will have other interactions with your social network beyond those requested in your request.

Can profile be restricted?
No. We need the profile or page to be released to the public. Followers need regular access to the interaction. Check your privacy options and keep it free, at least during delivery.

Are the interactions valid?
No. The interactions provided for the most part will remain forever. But since we have no control over them, there may be a small amount of uncouth or unfollows. Therefore, if there is any decrease in the number of interactions within 30 days, we will reposition at no cost. Totally free, just send us an email.

Is it possible for me to be banned from my social network for acquiring the MEDIAGRAM services?
No! Unlike other programs on the internet, we are completely in compliance with the policies of using the social networks in which we operate.